About Little Leafy

About Little Leafy

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Little Leafy aims to inspire and educate with helpful information about gardening and related topics. Thank you for visiting our site. Take a moment to learn more about us.

Who Are We?

Our site was launched by three friends who grew up spending time in the garden after school and on the weekends. We helped our grandparents pull weeds, plant vegetables, and tend their gardens. This instilled a lifelong love and fascination with plants.

I remember the joy of spending the afternoon in the garden. I was always intrigued by the various insects and plants’ interactions in their little ecosystem. 

Every day in the garden presented a new revelation. Watching the bees pollinating the flowers and insects crawling across the leaves led to new questions that needed answering. Back in the day, we gained knowledge from our grandparents and TV shows. Popular shows of the 90s, such as Groundforce and Gardener’s World, provided helpful advice and nurtured our excitement about gardening. 

Thanks to the power of the Internet, we can now provide more convenient access to gardening advice. We wanted to recapture the awe children experience playing in the garden and encourage more people to get into gardening. 

Our Mission

At Little Leafy, we want to share our knowledge and experience through helpful content, including gardening tips. Receiving the right advice increases your chances of a successful harvest, which can encourage you to continue growing and developing your skills. 

We also hope to inspire people of all ages to get outside and spend more time in their gardens. Gardening is beneficial for you and your environment. You are also never too old or too young to start. 

Anyone can become a skilled gardener. You need the right information, which is where we come in. Our site contains a growing selection of helpful articles to steer you in the right direction. 

People often assume that you need a lot of space to start gardening. It is often better to start small to keep your plot manageable. With practice, you can start producing delicious fruits and vegetables. You can supplement your diet with homegrown produce and reduce your grocery bill.

Gardening also contributes to a greener environment and healthier food. You can avoid using chemicals, contribute less to landfills, and release more oxygen into the air. 

We also believe gardening is an excellent form of mental and physical exercise. You can soak up more sunshine, reduce stress, and enjoy your outdoor space more. 

Our Site

Little Leafy offers helpful advice and tutorials on gardening and using specialist outdoor products. You can rely on us to find the best products for making gardening a little easier.

We specialize in ericaceous compost and mulch and cover greenhouses, bird baths, and other landscaping ideas. We want to help others build the ultimate sensory garden.

Browse our site for in-depth articles on gardening, composting, and landscaping. We also recommend checking back regularly for the latest advice and gardening tips.

Plant small. Grow Big 🙂


Have an idea you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you!

Email us at info.littleleafy@gmail.com, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.