10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Greenhouse

Why You Should Have a Greenhouse

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There are many reasons to have a greenhouse. Gardening is great for mental health; you can spend as much or as little time doing it. You can tend to plants all year round in your greenhouse if you love plants. Many people wonder, “Should I have a greenhouse,” as well as its potential benefits and whether they would use it.

The truth is that anyone can benefit from having a greenhouse. You have a built-in place where you can keep all your gardening supplies and grow a range of different plants. If you want to grow your own vegetables, a greenhouse is perfect, and it protects your plants from predators. You will have the ideal environment for your plants all year.

If you are considering adding a greenhouse to your property, it is important to understand how to use it. If you aren’t sure whether it is a good idea, consider the following ten reasons why you should have a greenhouse.

What Is the Point of a Greenhouse?

If you enjoy gardening, a greenhouse allows you to increase your growth and grow plants that might not otherwise grow and survive in your climate. Greenhouses trap both heat and light, which are essential to plants. They need warm temperatures, nutrients, air, light, and water for survival, even though different plants need different amounts. The greenhouse will provide both light and warm temperatures for your plants, and you can provide the air, water, and nutrients while they are in there.

Greenhouses are normally made of translucent materials so that light comes in. The plants you are growing will have as much sunlight as they need. The heat from the light is absorbed by everything in the greenhouse, from the plants to the ground and other materials. When the light energy is converted to heat or infrared energy, it changes shape, and it is trapped in the greenhouse.

Most greenhouses are airtight, so the entire building is warmer than it is outside. You may even need to vent the greenhouse on hot days because it can get too hot inside. Because plants have access to sunlight, the conditions are suited to photosynthesis. This allows them to survive and grow in the greenhouse.

The point of having a greenhouse is to have a place where you can grow plants throughout the year without interruptions due to the seasons. You can bring in plants that aren’t normally grown in your region, and you can maintain a vegetable and flower garden. It is a great way of giving plants what they need while protecting them from the outside elements.

Top 10 Reasons to Have a Greenhouse

It Is a Designated Gardening Location

If you love to garden, you can keep everything together safely inside your greenhouse. You can keep all of your gardening tools and supplies, as well as seeds, pots, planters, and anything else you use. Once you have your greenhouse, there are some items that everyone should have. You may have some of them, but you can add the others, as they are very useful.

You should have a mix of pots so that you can do everything from starting seeds to growing specific types of plants. You can start with small pots, which are great for starting plants early or getting your seedlings going. The larger sizes are good for transplanting seedlings as they grow, and you may have larger plants that won’t do as well outside all the time.

Another great tool is seed-starting trays. They have removable clear covers so that you can create the humidity necessary for germination when it is cold. You also need potting mixes and fertilizers. The best way to store them is in a closed container, and a metal can with a lid works well.

Your gardening tools are essential, including your scissors, trowel, and pruner, and you will want small stakes, an unsharpened pencil, a pot brush, and string as well. You will also want to have gardening gloves. Many people keep some plant markers and pens to label their plants.

You can avoid certain types of problems if you keep a disinfectant spray and a natural pest spray in your greenhouse. Most people also add some benches and shelves to make it easier to care for the plants. You may want a workbench for yourself so that you have a central location for your gardening supplies. Finally, get a thermometer so that you know the temperature inside the greenhouse. This will help you take the best possible care of plants.

You Can Grow Plants All Year Long

One of the largest benefits of having a greenhouse is that you can grow plants all year round. Whether you grow flowers or an entire vegetable garden, you can do it all year. Some vegetables, such as Brussel sprouts and winter cabbage, grow well in the winter, and you will save money by eating your own fresh veggies rather than buying them at the grocery store.

Depending on where you live, you may need to adjust your lighting, temperature, and watering schedules in the winter, and you will want a heater. However, you can adjust the conditions of your greenhouse and switch the types of vegetables you buy to have a garden all year.

You will want to grow vegetables together that thrive in similar conditions. You can choose them by the season they do best to save money on artificial lighting and heating. For example, brussels sprouts, carrots, cabbage, potatoes, and winter squash do well in the winter, while corn, cucumbers, zucchini, and tomatoes do well in the summer.

Some vegetables do well in more than one season, so learn about vegetables and group those that do well together. You can follow the same process with other kinds of plants.

You Can Overwinter Outdoor Plants

If you have any plants that you enjoy outdoors, you can overwinter them in your greenhouse so that it is protected and ready for the spring. People often use the greenhouse for rose bushes, banana trees, bougainvillea, and more.

Many people pot up their plants for the winter in September or October to make sure that they have time to establish their roots, and you should trim them back. If your greenhouse isn’t heated, you might want to consider using thermal blankets for covering with white polyethylene film. How you prepare your greenhouse depends on your climate, but there are different ways to keep it warmer if your area is consistently below freezing.

You Have an Excuse to Get Outside in the Winter

People often get what they call the winter blues when they are stuck inside throughout the winter. This is especially true for people who are outside gardening through the spring, summer, and winter. When you have a greenhouse, you can get outside and garden every season.

There is no denying that it is healthy for everyone to get outdoors at some point during the day. Breathing in fresh air is good for you, and the light helps, too. Your home might be warm in the winter, but it can be dry and dehydrating. Getting into your greenhouse will help you boost your immune system because the sunlight and the fresh air are good for you.

In addition, being able to garden through the winter helps people reduce stress and feel better. It is important to have something that allows you to relax, and growing or caring for plants is very relaxing for most people.

You Can Save Money

Having a greenhouse lets you save money in many different ways. First of all, you will protect all of your gardening tools and supplies. When you have a safe place to keep your equipment, it will keep better, last longer, and get damaged less frequently. You can also take expensive plants and give them shelter in bad weather.

If you grow a vegetable and fruit garden, you will save all kinds of money on fruits and vegetables, which are an important part of any diet. You will eat better, healthier food and you won’t have to buy it at the store.

You can also protect your garden furniture in the winter, and it is much easier to get someone to care for your plants if you are out of town. In the end, having a greenhouse will pay for itself over time with all of your savings.

You Get More Flowers and Vegetables

When you grow your flowers and vegetables in a greenhouse, you get a healthier crop than you do when you grow them outside. The soil is warmer and the temperatures are more consistent, which promotes fertility. More seeds germinate in these conditions, and the seedlings are normally stronger. As long as you provide the water, you will have a bigger harvest.

In addition, your plants are protected from outdoor pests. They won’t be harmed by neighborhood cats, squirrels, rabbits, birds, slugs, or snails. Even if a few pests get in, there won’t be nearly as many as there are when your plants are outdoors.

It Is Easier to Grow Organic

When you use a greenhouse, it is much easier to grow organic. Your plants and vegetables are in climate-controlled conditions, and you can keep them above the ground. You won’t have to worry about pollution from pesticide drift. You won’t need to use pesticides, and you can control the environment where your plants grow better.

In addition, you can use integrated pest management systems so that you won’t need to use chemical pesticides. You have complete control over what you grow. You can use organic waste and natural minerals for nutrition for your plants, and you never have to worry about what may be in the ground or what may run off into your garden.

They Add Charm to Your Property

In the past, when people thought of a greenhouse, they thought of the danger of breaking glass. Today, you can get a greenhouse made of polycarbonate or one with toughened glass glazing. They come in all sizes, so you can get a small tomato greenhouse or a large greenhouse for a variety of plants.

Your greenhouse can look fantastic and add charm to your entire property. You can choose a frame that complements your home and fits perfectly wherever you place it. If you have an outdoor garden, the greenhouse can provide a focal point in your yard.

Your greenhouse can be designed to have windows that open, and you can try a lean-to that is attached, a stand-alone building, or a window greenhouse designed with old windows. Some people choose a tabletop greenhouse, while others get a greenhouse frame of pretreated wood, steel, or glass. The walls can be made of fiberglass, clear plastic sheeting, polycarbonate, or old glass.

No matter what kind you have, you need air circulation. This will help to make sure that your greenhouse doesn’t overheat. Using oscillating fans helps to keep the air moving all year.

You Can Conserve Resources

When you have a greenhouse, you can save energy. Most people don’t realize how much energy they waste when they are gardening outdoors. You can conserve resources such as water, so you won’t have as much waste. You can use what you need and turn it off. In traditional gardening, you need to soak the plants, but the water travels deep into the soil. It often takes more water to sufficiently water plants.

You will also use less soil, fertilizer, and other nutrients because you don’t have to worry that they will be washed away or consumed by pests. You have less trouble with weeds, so your plants don’t have competition for their resources. This all allows you to save energy and conserve resources.

You Can Grow a Wider Variety of Plants

When you have a greenhouse, you can experiment with growing plants that wouldn’t normally grow in your climate. You can control the environment, so you can grow tropical plants in a temperate zone, and more. If you want to grow different kinds of fruits and vegetables or trees and flowers, you can do it in a greenhouse.

Make sure that you learn what you need to do to make the conditions ripe for the plants you choose to grow. As long as you understand what your plants need, you can take the steps to grow them in your greenhouse.

What to Consider Before You Buy a Greenhouse

When you decide to buy a greenhouse, it can be overwhelming to determine which one to buy. They come in many different sizes and materials with different features. You need to consider your needs and then break them down and decide on some features before you head out to find one. Take a look at what to consider before you buy a greenhouse.

The Size

First, you should settle on the size of your greenhouse. You can get a small tabletop greenhouse or a large sprawling greenhouse, depending on your goals. Look at your space to determine what will fit and look great in your yard.

You can get a compact walk-in greenhouse, a medium greenhouse, a spacious greenhouse, and more. Most people advise that you get the largest greenhouse that your space and budget permit. The last thing you want is to get one and then need more space six months later.

Clear or Opaque Panels

Generally speaking, most options include clear, opaque, and semi-diffused panels. This factor will determine how strong the light that your plants receive. Clear panels offer the strongest light, while opaque panels are the weakest.

People who are primarily starting seedlings often use clear panels, while those who keep plants in the greenhouse often choose opaque panels. Plants are more balanced and won’t reach up tall to direct light. If you want a compromise, semi-diffused offers the best of both worlds. You can also get different combinations, so determine what will work best for you.


In some climates, you may need insulation to grow plants in the winter. When you choose the material, consider the climate and what you need so that you can select materials that offer the right amount of insulation.


Make sure that you know where you plan to place your greenhouse before you choose one. This will also help you determine the ideal size and shape. Choose one that fits in with your outdoor space. You should also make sure that the location allows direct sunlight throughout the year.


You should also consider the manufacturer. You are making an investment in your home, and you should choose a reputable brand. Find out if they offer a warranty and what it covers. You should also know how long the company has been working with greenhouses and if there is a shipping cost. If you are a member of a gardening club, ask others what they think.

Final Words

There are many different reasons to have a greenhouse. If you love gardening or are looking for a new activity to get you outside in the fresh air, this is a great opportunity. You can enjoy growing your plants all year long.


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