The 14 Best Gardening Gloves

Best Gardening Gloves

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Gardening gloves are an important protection measure. They stop you from pricking your fingers on sharp objects, like rose thorns. They also protect against splinters and soil-borne diseases. Plus, it’s a good way of keeping your hands clean when digging in the dirt. 

This raises an important question, what gloves should you be wearing when you are gardening?  There are so many to choose from. Keep reading to learn more about the best gardening gloves and how you can find the right ones for you. 

Best Gloves to Protect You From Splinters 

The last thing you want is to get a splinter when you are gardening. Not only is it painful, but there is also a chance the wound could get infected. Because of this, it’s a good idea to wear gloves whenever you are working with wood. These hardy gloves will also protect you against rose thorns. Here are some of the gloves to consider. 

ZEALFREAK Leather Gardening Gloves for Women & Men

When you are dealing with splinters, it’s important to make sure that you are getting a heavy-duty glove. This will make it harder for anything to penetrate through it. That’s why the ZEALFREAK glovesOpens in a new tab. rise above the competition. They are made from leather. 

While they are thick enough to protect from splinters, they remain comfortable to wear. They allow enough flexibility to move your hands comfortably. Plus, they have two-stitch protection. If the first stitch starts to come out, the second stitch will be able to keep your hands safe. 

A third innovative part of this product is that they offer knuckle protection. This is rare for gardening gloves, protecting the delicate parts of your hand. 

Here are some of the other features that these gloves provide: 

  • Not made using dye. This ensures that your hands won’t be left stained by running dye. 
  • Firm grip. These gloves with a strong base, so you will be able to firmly hold onto your tools and equipment. 
  • Adjustable. It will be easy for you to adjust these gloves to better suit your hands, you’ll just need to pull a strap to tighten it around the wrist. 

Clip Gloves Shock Absorber

Clip gloves have a long history of developing exceptional gardening gloves. The Shock AbsorberOpens in a new tab. is one of the best heavy-duty gloves on the market. They are made from strong neoprene. While not at strong as leather, it will still be resistant to thorns and smaller splinters. It also features shock absorption pads. These are a good way of adding a little extra protection when doing heavy-duty work. 

These gloves also place a greater focus on comfort. They feature sweat-absorbing technology. This will help keep your hands cool during the summer months. Plus, they have a strong grip. 

Lastly, these gloves come with a carbineer. You’ll be able to hook them onto your belt, so you don’t lose them when you are taking a break. 

Donfri Cut Resistant Gloves

If you are planning on cutting wood with an ax, it’s best to use strong cut-resistant gloves, like the ones offered by DonfriOpens in a new tab.. These are made of some of the strongest materials on the market. The HPPE is four times more resistant to cuts than leather. Plus, it comes with an anti-slip layer, so you won’t drop your tools. There are a few other benefits to this type of glove: 

  • Flexible. Just because you have advanced cut-resistant technology doesn’t mean that the gloves need to be thick. This is a common complaint leveled against leather gloves. 
  • Breathable. These gloves allow plenty of airflow, so your hands will never grow hot or start sweating inside the gloves, which can be a very uncomfortable experience. 
  • Easy to clean. If they ever get dirty, you can clean them in the washing machine. 

Tarvol Leather Work Gloves

If you are searching for a more inexpensive option, you might want to consider using Tarvol Leather GlovesOpens in a new tab.. These will cost less than $10. Despite the low price, they are made from leather. This ensures that they offer plenty of protection against thorns and splinters. 

However, this low cost also presents a few drawbacks. It won’t have the same tight fit as other gloves on this list. It is a little bulkier. This can make it a little harder to get a grip on your tools. Sometimes, your hand can get a little sweaty. But, if you are searching for a basic option, this glove will do the job. 

Best Gloves to Wear When Gardening in Winter

When the cold weather starts to roll in, you will need to pay more attention to the type of glove you are using. You want something that will be able to trap the heat, keeping your hands warm. But you also don’t want to skimp on safety. Here are some of the gloves that you should consider. 

Global Glove Ice Gripster

One of the most common complaints with thermal gloves is that they are big and bulky. This makes it harder to get a good grip on your tools. The Ice GripsterOpens in a new tab. solves this problem. The latex gloves are flexible and comfortable to wear. Plus, they are soft, so they won’t cause any chaffing. 

The latex will stop water from getting into your gloves. Plus, it will stop the heat from leaking out. If they ever get dirty, all you need to do is put them in the washing machine to clean them. 

Youngstown Glove

If you are looking for a way to keep your hands warm, the Youngstown GloveOpens in a new tab. is a good option. It will be insulated. This will ensure that your hands are staying warm. However, it’s also been designed to be suitable for heavy-duty work. Here are some of the features that help make this glove unique:

  • Non-slip. This is on the palm of the glove, making it easier to work with your tools. 
  • Made with Kevlar. This makes it resistant to being punctured. It makes it a good option when working with wood or pruning thorny plants. 
  • Terry cloth in the thumb. This will allow you to wipe your forehead when you are getting sweaty. 
  • Padded interior. The inside of the glove is padded. This ensures that it’s comfortable to wear. 

Midwest 330 Extreme Cold Weather

If you face extremely cold temperatures, you might want to think about the Midwest 330 Extreme Cold WeatherOpens in a new tab. gloves. These were originally designed for use by hunters. Because of this, they will be resistant to extremely cold conditions. 

They are made from thick PVC and will be able to withstand icy ground. The gauntlet cuff is will cover more of your arm. It’s also wide enough that you will be able to slot a thick jacket underneath it. Despite the thick material, it’s still flexible, so it will be suited to delicate garden tasks. 

CharGuy Long Sleeve Gardening Gloves

Finally, these CharGuy Long Sleeve Gardening GlovesOpens in a new tab. are ideal for the cold winter months. The long sleeves go to the elbow. This is a good way of locking in the warmth. It can also come in handy during the summer when you need to reach into thorny plants, as your whole arm will be protected. 

There are a few other elements about this glove that make it a good option: 

  • Made from polyester. This a strong material, to protect you from splinters. But it’s also flexible and breathable enough that you will feel comfortable gardening while wearing it. 
  • Grip. The fingertips of these gloves have grips, so you will be able to maintain a tight grip on your tools. 
  • Washable. If the gloves ever get dirty, you just need to throw them into the washing machine. 

Best Gardening Gloves for Pulling Weeds

Sometimes, you will want to get a glove that you can use for pulling weeds. These can be sharp and you will often be left covered in dirt. Weeding gloves are some of the most versatile on this list. You can use them for almost any task in your garden. Here are some of the best options.

Bionic Relief Grip Gardening Gloves

The Bionic ReliefOpens in a new tab. gloves were designed by an orthopedic hand surgeon. This ensures that it provides plenty of support to your hands, so you won’t be feeling any discomfort as you are gardening. The wristband not only keeps the gloves fitting tightly but also supports the joint. This helps reduce fatigue, so you’ll be able to spend more time in the garden. 

These gloves were also designed to be very comfortable. They feature padding inside the gloves. Plus, it gives you airflow, so you won’t be sweating. 

Finally, these gloves are very practical. The outside features pads, which allow you to grip your tools. The fabric is thick, so you don’t need to worry about it getting pierced by thorny plants. Plus, if they ever get too dirty, you will be able to put them into the washing machine. 

Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Gardening Gloves

If you are looking for something comfortable, these Pine Tree Tools glovesOpens in a new tab. might be the choice for you. Bamboo has earned a reputation for being soft and flexible. It’s also lightweight and breathable. This material will mold to your skin, providing a tight fit. 

They have a good grip. Interestingly, they are even touchscreen compatible, so you’ll be able to work your phone while wearing them. The flexibility and tight fit make them ideal for doing delicate jobs. 

Bamllum Leather Gardening Gloves

Like many of the other gloves on this list, Bamllum Leather Gardening GlovesOpens in a new tab. are strong. They will be able to protect you from any sharp thorns or stinging plants encountered when weeding. These gloves come with a tight fit, so you don’t need to worry about dirt getting inside the gloves. 

However, one of the most defining elements of these gloves is the colorful designs that feature on them. These are proof that garden gloves don’t have to be ugly. They can be works of art. 

GYYVES Gardening Gloves With Claws

Finally, you might want to consider using GYVES glovesOpens in a new tab.. Like many of the other gloves we’ve looked at so far, they are made from a strong material, which will last for a long time. They are also comfortable to wear and are flexible enough to allow you to hold tools properly. 

However, the biggest advantage of these gloves is that they come with claws. This is a simple attachment, that you slot onto your fingers. They can prove very useful when you are gardening. Here are some of the ways you can use the claws: 

  • Digging into the soil to find the root of the weed
  • Removing the weed system of the plants
  • Allowing you to rake the soil, acting like a hoe. 
  • Spreading rocks or gravel. 
  • Removing soil from a planter box

Best Low-Priced Gardening Gloves

When it comes to finding a pair of gardening gloves, you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune. This is one of the categories where you will need to exercise the most caution. You don’t want to end up with a cheap pair of gloves that will break after a few years of use. Here are some of the best cheap gloves for you to use. 

Emerit Bamboo Gloves

Emerit bamboo glovesOpens in a new tab. have a lot going for them. They are made from a flexible, breathable material. This ensures that you will be able to use them for an extended period. Plus, they have a good grip and will be able to last for a long time. However, one of the biggest benefits is the price. They are available for under $10. 

While the price tag might be low, that doesn’t mean that you are getting an inferior product. This is why the company offers a month-long free trial. If you don’t like the way the gloves feel, you just have to send them back and get your money returned. 

RLeticc Gardening Gloves

RLeticc might be the right choice if you want a low-cost pair of general-purpose gloves. They will also suit gardeners that want something colorful. The gloves will be easy to use. All you need to do is pull them on and fasten the wristband. This will lock the gloves into place, making sure that you have a firm fit. 

How to Find the Right Gardening Gloves

There are hundreds of gloves to choose from, ranging from the inexpensive to ones that cost over $500. If you stick to the ones on this list, you’ll be getting a quality product. There are some ways you can narrow this list down even further. Here are some of the elements you should consider. 


How important this element is will depend on how you are planning on using the gloves. If you are looking for general-purpose gloves, like those that are used for weeding, they don’t need to be overly thick. However, if you are planning on working with wood, it’s best to get something that has a reasonable thickness. This ensures that you will be protected from splinters. It’s also worth making sure that these items have high-quality stitches. You don’t want them coming apart. 

Size and Comfort

The next thing that you need to consider is how comfortable the gloves will be. This will depend on a variety of things. Most importantly: 

  • The size of your hands. Most gloves will come in different sizes. Sometimes, they will be grouped into males and females. At other times, they will be categorized as small, medium, and large
  • The material. This is one of the most important elements determining how comfortable it will be to use. Things like bamboo will be more comfortable than nylon. 
  • Breathability. You should aim to have gloves that allow the air to flow freely. This will stop you from sweating during the warm summer months.  During the winter, you can turn to more well-insulated gloves to keep you warm. 

Often, the best way to tell how comfortable the gloves will be is by trying them for yourself. This is why you must be purchasing from a company that has a good returns policy. If you don’t like them, you can simply send the gloves back to the manufacturer. 


You shouldn’t have to be a millionaire to find a good pair of gardening gloves. The good news is that there are plenty of quality low-cost items. You should be able to pick some up around $6. You shouldn’t have to spend over $40 on a pair of gardening gloves. 


You don’t want to have to replace your gardening gloves each season. There are a few ways that you can make sure that your gloves last for a long time. First, you should pick a sturdy material. Something like leather, neoprene, and rubber are good options. You should also consider how you care for the gloves. Ideally, you will be able to throw them into the washing machine to clean them. 

Final Thoughts

Gardening gloves are an essential part of your kit. They will protect your hands from blisters, splinters, and thorns. The good news is that there are plenty of quality gloves on the market. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of which one you should be using in your garden. 

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