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Reading Time: 2 minutes 🍃 was the official website for a small family farm in New Jersey., a website dedicated to gardening, recently acquired the domain.

What Did Do? was the website for the Country Heritage Farm in Augusta, New Jersey. The website offered basic information about the farm and the couple that ran it.

The farm was owned and operated by Barry and Virginia Gebauer. The couple bought the farm in 1977 and originally ran it as a dairy farm. The Country Heritage Farm had cows and other farm animals. However, the couple eventually decided to try growing and selling Christmas trees. 

In 1990, the Gebauers started planting Christmas trees. In 1999, the first trees were ready for sale. By 2009, the couple had planted over 1,000 trees each year to keep up with demand. 

During the height of the farm’s popularity, the couple added a gift shop, snack shack, play area, and other features to the farm. The farm also had hayrides and attracted visitors from all over.

The couple continued to grow and sell Christmas trees for about two decades before retiring to Florida. Virginia Gebauer passed away in 2022. The farm is no longer active, and the website’s domain was eventually put up for sale. It was recently acquired by 

What Does Do? is an educational website made for amateur and aspiring gardeners that want to grow healthy, lush gardens at home. Visitors can receive easy-to-understand instructions and advice for getting more out of their gardens. The website contains a variety of gardening content, along with articles on composting and landscaping.

Little Leafy ( was started by three lifelong friends. The three friends grew up helping their grandparents with their gardens and are now passing on their knowledge to others.

The website includes tutorials and articles intended for gardeners of all experience levels. The site also covers unique topics that other gardening sites tend to overlook, including the use of ericaceous compost, mulches, and greenhouses to grow healthier fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Visitors can also find ideas for landscaping, bird baths, and more. 

The articles contain comprehensive information on the topics covered but remain easy to digest and perfect for novice gardeners. Readers can also use the provided table of contents to quickly find the information that they need. 

Little Leafy aims to inspire more people to spend time outdoors. Gardening may offer many benefits. It is considered a good physical activity and gives people the opportunity to enjoy some fresh air. 

Little Leafy also links to the best gardening products, which takes the hassle out of gathering the right supplies and equipment for a successful garden. 

The creators of Little Leafy stress that gardening is something that everyone can enjoy. Gardening does not require a lot of space. Little Leafy guides beginners through the process of preparing and managing a small garden plot. 

Little Leafy already has a large collection of articles, but new content is published frequently. Visitors may want to check back often for the latest gardening advice and tutorials. 

Some of Little Leafy’s most popular articles include:

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