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Reading Time: 2 minutes 🍃 was the website for a collective of four family farms in the Geauga County area of northeastern Ohio. The domain was recently acquired by, a website dedicated to gardening.

What Did Do? was a website designed to promote a farming cooperative comprised of four family farms in Geauga County. The farmers are mostly Amish farmers that wanted to preserve their way of life. The county is about 30 miles east of Cleveland, Ohio.

The families did not regularly update the website. It was first created in 2011 and updated in 2020. Visitors could find basic information about the farming cooperative, including the location of the four farms. 

The idea of the cooperative started in 2005. Three older farmers noticed that the surrounding farmland was disappearing to commercial and industrial developments. They wanted to save their farms, which led to the formation of the cooperative. The farmers determined that they were stronger as a group.

In 2006, Geauga Family Farms started selling free-range eggs, goats, chickens, and cheeses. Jams and jellies, bread, and other baked goods were added the following year. The cooperative started with four farms but soon had over 100 members. By 2010, membership had tripled. While some of the farms are still active, the cooperative appears to have stopped operating. The website was put up for sale and acquired by the team at Little Leafy.

What Does Do? is an educational website geared toward amateur and aspiring gardeners that want to make their gardens lusher and fuller. The website offers advice and step-by-step guides on a wide range of gardening topics, including landscaping and composting. 

With a growing selection of articles, gardeners of all experience levels should find helpful information and product recommendations that suit their specific needs. Each article provides in-depth advice and a table of contents for easier reference. 

Along with step-by-step guides and informative articles, the website frequently links to relevant products. Gardeners can find the best gardening products for various tasks and avoid the challenge of comparing options and reading reviews. 

Little Leafy was started by three friends with a shared love of gardening. They grew up helping their grandparents around the garden. They created Little Leafy to share their knowledge and help encourage more people to put down their phones and go outside. 

The creators of the website hope to instill a love of gardening in the next generation. Gardening is considered a beneficial hobby, as it gives people an excuse to spend more time under the sun. It is a good physical activity and suited for people of all ages.

The team behind the website points out that people do not need a lot of room to start a garden. It is even possible to start gardening indoors with the right supplies. The website offers guidance that all gardeners should find useful.

Little Leafy has a large collection of articles and continues to publish new content regularly. Individuals interested in learning more about gardening should continue checking the site for new tips and advice. 

Some of Little Leafy’s most popular articles include:

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