A Guide To Storing Garden Tools Outside

A Guide To Storing Garden Tools Outside

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Your gardening tools are important, and it is essential to store them somewhere safe. Many people don’t have room in their garage, but they know that exposing them to the elements can ruin them. They want to know, “Is it okay to store garden tools outside?”

Fortunately, there are safe ways to store your gardening tools outside. You can keep them in an outside shed or a wooden bench that has storage space. You can also repurpose an old mailbox or another item to hold them. You can hang them on hooks and more. It is important to ensure they are clean before you put them away.

You have different options for storing your garden tools outside. You will prepare them for storage, and then you can use one of the following ideas.

How Do I Protect My Tools Outside?

Before you store your gardening tools outside, you need to protect them. Moisture from rain or humidity can damage your tools and cause them to rust. You need to start by cleaning the tools. You should wash them with soapy water and remove any dirt and sap that has accumulated.

Then you can protect the metal parts by coating them with linseed oil. It will protect them so that rust doesn’t have a chance to form.

If you already have rust on your gardening tools, you can use vegetable oil to wipe them. This should lift the rust off the metal and prevent it from forming again. It is a good idea to make sure that you remove rust as soon as it forms so that it is a simpler project.

Your gardening tools also have wooden parts, such as handles. Humidity can damage wood and cause it to break down. It can get mildew, splinters, and more. You should clean the wood handles first.

Then you can coat them with linseed oil. You can also use coconut oil or walnut oil. The oil provides a protective barrier that prevents moisture and dirt from going into the wood. At the same time, it will prevent the wood from drying out. You may need to do a couple of coats to protect the handles properly.

Where to Store Your Gardening Tools Outside

1. Outside Shed

One of the best ways to store your gardening tools outside is to get an outside shed. It gives you a place to organize all of your gardening and lawn equipment, and it is easy to erect a shed on your own.

You can also get a shed that is already built, or you can buy the materials and build it yourself.

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Sheds come in different materials, including wood, steel, and plastic. They come in different sizes as well. You should consider what you need to store in it before choosing the size. Take a look at the following tips for how to organize your gardening tools inside the outside shed.

A. Use a Pegboard for Your Hand Tools

The best way to organize your hand tools is by hanging a pegboard. Most of these tools will have a hole on the end, and some may have a loop for this purpose. You can space the hooks and hang all of these tools so that they are easy to see.

You won’t have any trouble finding the one you need, and they will stay clean and dry.

You can use a straight hook for any of the tools that have a hole in the handle, and if you have some that don’t, you can put two straight hooks next to each other to create a custom space where they can fit. You can hang this pegboard on the back of the door or on a wall over a toolbox.

B. Use a Coat Hook and Chain for Your Hose

You may have tried hose reels in the past, but you have to reel them perfectly so that they work. Another option is to hang a coat hook in your outdoor shed and take an S-hook and a chain to hold your hose.

You should have one for each hose, and you can roll the hose up, put the chain through it, and hook the chain into the S-hook on the coat hook.

C. Hang Items From a Towel Rod

When you line spray bottles and other items up on a shelf, they can fall and spill. Instead, install a towel rod. You can choose the best length depending on what you have to store.

The sprayer will fit right over the rod. You can also use S-hooks for other items that you want to keep in this spot.

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You can get clips to hang your gloves from an S hook along the towel bar. If you have enough supplies, you might want to hang two towel bars.

D. Get a Paper Towel Holder for String, Twine, and Tape

Paper towel holders are great for hanging anything with a hollow center. You can use it for rolls of tape, balls of string, and balls of twine. This is a great way to keep these items in their own spot where they are always accessible.

E. Install Wire Shelving

You will use the wire shelving as a way to hold your rakes, shovels, and hoes. Many people have it out of their closets, and they place it in the shed to hold these tools. Install it about halfway up the length of these tools, and they will have the perfect spot and be secured so that they are easy to find and easy to remove and put away.

2. Wooden Bench with Storage

Whether you want to add a bench to your patio or place one near your garden, you can get one with hidden storage that will give you a place to store your gardening tools.

You can choose from wood, metal, or plastic, and they come in different sizes. Some people like to make them themselves.

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Plastic outdoor benches are very affordable, and they handle rain and humidity well. They will have storage inside the bench seat. They can last a long time, and some come with a fade-resistant coating. They are lightweight and easy to assemble. They also come in a variety of styles.

Wood benches can be functional and straightforward or ornamental, but they are also a practical option. You will need to paint or stain the wood so that it handles the weather. Some people build them, and others buy them pre-made.

Once you have a storage bench, you can keep your gardening tools and gloves inside. You should still clean them and dry them before you put them away, but this is a safe place for them.

3. Repurpose an Old Mailbox or Other Container

Another great way to store your garden tools outside is to repurpose an old mailbox. You can also buy a new one at the hardware store. Choose a location near your garden, and place the mailbox on a post, just as you would on the road outside your home.

You can keep your garden tools and your gloves inside so that they are safe from bad weather and always available when you need them.

Start by cleaning your old mailbox and the post. Then, you can spray paint them to make them blend in. Be sure to use outdoor spray paint. You can decorate the outside of the mailbox to resemble a garden scene or just paint it a solid color.

Then consider lining the interior. You will also want to clean your gardening tools before putting them away each time you use them. This will help reduce the buildup of dirt and debris in your gardening toolbox.

4. Get a Bucket

Another easy option for storing your gardening tools outside is a bucket. You may have an old bucket lying around, or you can get one from the hardware store. You can choose plastic or metal, and they often have a handle.

Place your hand tools inside, such as gardening shears, hand rakes, hand shovels, and trowels, and you might also have your gloves. You may have a tree that you can keep under, or you can make a small shade for it.

5. Hang Them on a Fence

If you have a fence outside, you can create hooks and hang your garden tools. You can use nails or any hooks and space them so that you can see your tools. People often have wooden fences around their gardens, so this is the perfect spot to store your garden tools.

If you don’t have holes in the ends of the tools, you can place two nails next to each other and let the tool hang in between them.

6. Repurpose Old Pallets

If you have an old pallet lying around, you can repurpose it to store your gardening tools outside. This will work to organize all of your yard tools, including long rakes, shovels, and more. Place the pallet up against a fence or the side of the house.

You can stick long tools such as rakes, hoes, and shovels through the wood slats. Then use some nails to hang the hand tools on the front of the pallet.

You can use the pallet as-is, or you can paint it to give it some personality. Ensure that you use outdoor paint and provide it with plenty of time to dry before you place your tools inside. The pallet will keep your garden tools safe and organized, and it is easy to access everything when you need it.

7. Use Old Scraps of Wood

People always save wood scraps in case they need them later. You can take yours and use it to create storage for your garden tools outside. You can build a shelf to hold your gardening tools and then take a couple of pieces of wood to create a cubby for your longer garden tools.

This is a great way to use your scraps of wood and create a tidy spot for your gardening tools at the same time.

8. Add a Potting Bench to Your Garden

You can get a potting bench, or you can make one yourself. You can use some old wood and create a table with one shelf. The top should be sturdy, and you can set it up against a fence.

Then store your garden tools here, on the potting bench. You can also keep extra pots, soil, and other tools that you use in the garden.

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You can place your hand tools on the tabletop, or you can create hooks for them on the back of the fence. You can also hang them under the top from hooks. This is a useful station for anyone who has a garden, and it is a great place to keep your gardening tools when you aren’t using them.

9. Place Them in an Unused Pot

If you have a spare clay pot lying around, you can fill it with sand or dirt and stick your hand tools in it when you aren’t using them. You can keep this pot organized with the others, or you can place it somewhere safe on its own.

The tools will stand up when you stick them in the sand. If you have a second extra clay pot, you can place your gloves inside.

This is a great way to repurpose your clay pots and provide safe, effective storage for your garden tools. The sand will protect the metal on the ends of the tools and prevent them from rusting. You can get creative and paint the clay pot to give it some character. Make sure that you use outdoor paints so that it doesn’t wash off.

10 Recycle an Old Hose to Create a Basket

If you have an old hose that is no longer useful, you can recycle it and create a basket to hold your gardening tools. All you need is the hose and a bunch of zip ties. You can coil the hose in the shape of a basket and use the zip ties to hold each row to the row beneath.

When you finish, create a handle that goes over the top. This is a great use for your old hose, and it is a weatherproof basket that can hold your gardening tools. You can leave it out by the garden or on the patio.

11. Hang a Wicker Basket

You might have an old wicker basket, and if you do, you can hang it on a fence or anywhere outside. It is lightweight, and you can set it up to lift the basket and take it with you when you are gardening. Make sure that it is the right size to hold your hand tools and your gloves. You can secure it with hooks or nails.

12. Buy a Garden Closet for Tool Storage

You can either build a garden closet or buy one pre-made, but it is a simple solution for storing your gardening tools outdoors.

It can be small, so there is room for your hand tools, gloves, rubber boots, and anything else you need.

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You can hang baskets on the inside of the door and place hooks on the back to hand your tools. Place a small trash can in a corner, and have a bucket so that you can remove the tools together when you need to use them. This can be customized to fit what you need in your garden.

What to Do with Gardening Tools Over the Winter

If you live in a climate where you can’t garden in the winter, you will want to find a safe spot to store your tools. Some of the storage methods above make it easy to bring your tools into the garage or the basement, and they can stay in the bucket, the basket, or the pot.

If you have a storage shed or a gardening closet, you can leave the tools in their spot all winter. They will be there in the spring, ready for action.

You should winterize your gardening tools before you put them away. First, you need to clean them thoroughly. Once you finish rinsing them, make sure that they are completely dry. Then you need sand and oil to finish the job.

You can take an old pot, a bucket, or a basket and fill it with dry sand. You should mix in linseed oil until the sand is moist throughout. Once you have your mixture, you can place the metal end of each tool into the sand.

Then, store it in a cool, dry place, either in the storage shed, the basement, or the garage. Ensure that you rub the wooden handles with linseed oil to prevent them from drying out and splitting.

When spring comes, you can remove the tools and wipe them off with a clean cloth. Then hang them or place them in your usual spot and enjoy gardening through the spring, summer, and autumn months.


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