Is Rice Water Good For Tomato Plants?

Is Rice Water Good For Tomato Plants

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Rice water is an easily accessible kitchen byproduct left over when boiling or soaking rice. There are sufficient amounts of NPK minerals (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium) in rice water, which are essential plant minerals. Due to this, many gardening enthusiasts have wondered if you can water tomato plants with rice water.

Rice water can be used to water and fertilize your tomato plants. Rice water is an environmentally friendly kitchen byproduct that contains many essential plant minerals. These minerals will ensure that your soil is healthy and that your plants are thriving and yielding juicy tomatoes.

If you’re considering watering your tomato plants with rice water, we’ll explain everything you should know. Once we’ve discussed the benefits of using this nutritional kitchen byproduct to water your tomato plants, we’ll outline how you can prepare rice water and discuss some helpful tips for using rice water in your garden! 

Can You Water Tomato Plants With Rice Water?

Tomato plants are great low-maintenance summer vegetables that are easy to grow at home. These plants are known to grow quickly, requiring plenty of nutrients to produce high volumes of tomatoes. While tomato plants need sufficient water to grow, you might wonder whether you can water your plant with rice

You’ll be glad to know you can use rice water instead of tap water to sustain your tomato plants. Since your tomato plant’s watering needs will vary based on where its planted, you should stick to your regular watering scheduleOpens in a new tab. when using rice water. Generally, tomato plants grown in containers require more water than those grown in gardens. 

For your tomato plant to thrive and grow fruit properly, it needs many beneficial plant minerals. Like other herbaceous plants, tomato plants require nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and other trace minerals. Since rice water contains all these essential mineralsOpens in a new tab., watering your tomato plants with rice water will give them all the nutrients needed to flourish. 

The Advantages Of Using Rice Water For Tomato Plants

There are many benefits to watering your tomato plants with rice water! Before we outline how to prepare rice water for your tomato plants, let’s discuss the scientifically proven advantagesOpens in a new tab. of watering your tomatoes with this nutritional kitchen byproduct! 

Rice Water Is Easy To Use And Readily Available

One of the main benefits of watering your tomato plants with rice water is that this kitchen byproduct is readily available and easy to use in your gardening. 

Rice Water Is An Environmentally Friendly Byproduct

Since rice water reuses kitchen waste, you’re using an environmentally friendly product to water your tomato plants! 

Rice Water Contains Essential Plant Nutrients 

As we discussed earlier, tomato plants require NPK fertilizer minerals (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium) to grow fruit successfully. Luckily, rice water contains these essential minerals, allowing you to water and fertilize your tomato plants simultaneously. 

Rice Water Helps Boost Plant Growth

Since tomato plants require certain minerals to grow properly and bear fruits, watering your tomatoes with rice water will help encourage plant and fruit growth! 

Rice Water Improves Soil Health 

Since rice water promotes a healthy bacteria population within the soil, watering your tomato plants with this byproduct will improve your overall soil health – which is crucial for healthy plants! 

Rice Water Will Save You Money

Finally, using rice water in your garden will reduce the cost of maintaining your plants. For example, you won’t need to spend money on purchasing fertilizer for your tomato plants since rice water contains NPK minerals. 

How To Prepare Rice Water For Tomato Plants

While you can use leftover rice water in your garden, it’s also possible to prepare rice water to use when watering your tomato plants. There are two simple methods you can use to make rice water: soaking and boiling. Let’s outline each method! 

Method One: Soaking Rice

You can soak or wash uncooked rice to prepare nutritional water for your tomato plants. To use this method, place half a cup of uncooked rice in a small ball. You can then add three cups of water and rinse the rice for three minutes. You should leave the rice water to soak for up to an hour. After stirring the mixture, you can strain the rice water to use in your garden! 

Method Two: Boiling Rice 

You can also boil uncooked rice to prepare rice water for your plants. To use this method, place half a cup of rice in a small pot and add some water. Be sure to stir the rice as you bring the pot to a boil. Once the rice starts boiling, you can reduce the heat and simmer the mixture for up to forty minutes. You can then strain the rice to water your tomato plants!

Tips For Watering Tomato Plants With Rice Water

If you want to use rice water to aid the growth of your tomato plants, there are some helpful tips you should keep in mind. You can also watch the YouTube video below for some additional tips on incorporating rice water into your home gardening!

  • When replacing tap water with rice water, you should stick to your regular watering schedule. 
  • Tomato plants grown in your garden require less water than those grown in containers. Garden tomato plants need up to two inches of water every week. 
  • Tomato plants in containers should be watered until the rice water runs freely at the bottom of the container. Since the soil in your container heats up faster, water evaporates faster, which is why container tomato plants require more water. 
  • Excess rice water should be stored in a cool place. You can add sugar or molasses to the rice water to extend its lifespan.

Final Thoughts

Rice water is a nutritionally rich kitchen byproduct that can be used to water and fertilize your tomato plants. Rice water is environmentally friendly, readily available, and easy to incorporate into your vegetable garden. By replacing tap water with rice water, you’ll be providing your tomato plants with all the nutrients they need to thrive! 


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